One of the most common reasons people want to learn more about the Law of Attraction is to attract more money into their life. But at the same time most people are sceptical. If that’s you then you might be asking yourself if it's really is possible to manifest money.

But have you ever stopped to wonder what money actually is? Bits of paper, metal coins and more increasingly these days, just numbers on a screen, bits and bytes of electronic data.

Is Money Real?

The answer is... it depends what you believe!

You see, money is really just an invention of the mind. Someone, somewhere thought it up and it eventually became the default method for exchanging value.

Carting around cows, goats and snakes to exchange for other goods and services was rather inconvenient. So someone thought it would be a better idea to carry around small bits of precious metals (coins) to use instead. Then came the idea of using pieces of paper (notes) to represent the precious metal you owned.

Nowadays, notes and coins no longer hold any tangible value, you can’t go to a bank and exchange it for gold or silver as you could in the past, but this is what we have come to 'believe' as money.

So money is only valuable because everyone 'believes' it has value and knows that everyone else will accept it as a form of payment in exchange for something else.

When we think of money in this way, it’s not such a stretch to think that we can actually manifest money.

The Law of Attraction helps you to manifest things that you consistently focus on... and money is no different! Your journey to financial abundance starts within.

Wealth is a state of mind!

The most common barrier to manifest money and wealth into your life is a negative mindset towards money. So if you want to attain financial success and freedom you need to develop the thinking patterns of a financially successful person.

8 Steps to Manifest Money

1. Change your mind! - Believe money is a good thing.

Many of us have limiting beliefs about money that stem from early childhood. We grew up hearing such things as ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and accepted that money is hard to get and easy to lose.

Whilst money may not literally grow on trees, keep in mind it’s no longer linked to anything tangible like gold so it really is an unlimited resource. If you can see money and believe that it’s accessible, you’re more likely to be able to form the good habits and mindset needed to attract more of it into your life.

money mind

A great way to reset your negative beliefs about money is to use affirmations that focus on the positive feeling related to money.

Here are some examples you can try out:

“I can afford everything I want or need in life without stress or worry"

“I am a money magnet”

“I am releasing negative thoughts about money”

“I am attracting the money I need to accomplish everything I want”

“I am making positive choices about money and enjoying the abundance it brings”

A positive money mindset is really important to helping you to attract more money and abundance. Millionaires actually think different to everyone else. Try out this fun 60 second quiz to see if your mind is programmed to make millions!

2. Be clear why you need to manifest money

One mistake many people make when trying to manifest money is not having a clear idea about why they need it or what they will use it for. You don’t need money for money’s sake. It’s what the money will allow you to do or to buy or become. So make sure you’re clear in your own mind why you need it.

For example do you want money to be able to send your children to college, travel around the world, buy a new house a new car. Make a list of everything you can think of and decide now!

3. Calculate how much money you need

This goes hand in hand with no.2 above. Once you’ve decided what you need the money for it’s time to figure out exactly how much money you will need.

Take the items on your list and put them into a spreadsheet. Then calculate how money you would need for each one. Then break these figures down into how much that equates to each month so that you come up with and exact monthly figure.

If you'd like to plan for financial independence and even retire early, check out our friend Jennifer over at to dive deeper into this subject.

4. Don’t Wish or Hope - Know it will happen

There is a huge difference between wishing for something and knowing deep down that it will happen.

Once you’ve decided what you need the money for and exactly how much you need, take ownership of this and expect that it will come to you.

Many people have had the experience of expecting something  bad to happen and when it does they tell themselves ‘see I knew that was going happen’. When you expect the worst it often turns out as you expect, but the opposite is also true. If you expect good things to happen they usually will.

You don’t need to know exactly how the money will come to you at this point, just knowing it will happen is incredibly powerful and will  guide your thoughts and actions to make it happen.

5. Plan for it

plan for money

Just as you would plan for someone visiting your house by tidying the guest bedroom and washing the sheets, plan for the arrival of the money. Planning for it to happen helps you to take ownership of it and install the belief that it will happen.

For example if you need the money to travel around the world visit the travel agents and plan your journey, or if you are going to use the money to buy a new house try touring open houses in your chosen location.

6. Visualize it to Manifest it.

It’s important to visualize as if you already have what it is you need. This develops a positive mindset that is receptive to financial gain.

Many people don’t do this because they don’t want to set themselves up for disappointment. But when you can imagine what life will be like when you’ve reached your financial goals it becomes a very powerful source of motivation.

Use visualization and picture yourself enjoying financial success. Add in multiple multiple sensory experiences such as smell, sound and touch to use whole body to immerse yourself in the experience. To make your visions tangible try creating a vision board. You can print or cut out pictures of money and surround them with motivating pictures, words or drawings. For visual people vision boards can be a very effective way to bring visualizations into the physical reality.

Physical anchors are another way to do this. One popular method is to carry around a $100 bill (or whatever the largest bill is in your country) in your pocket. This simple act can make you feel wealthier as you can't tell yourself you’re broke when you have that in your wallet!

7. Develop Money Manifestation Habits.

Many of our daily activities are habits, things we do automatically without much thought. Habits form a foundation for the life we live and can be a powerful positive or negative force in our lives.

Positive habits can make you rich and negative ones can keep you poor. To manifest money and become rich you must adopt rich habit habits that keep your mind and body in peak condition.

A great way to change your habits is to examine any poor habits that you have and then list up their opposite rich habits. First draw two columns on a piece of paper. Under the first column list your poor daily habits. Under the 2nd column list the opposite ‘rich habits’ that you want to adopt.

Here is an example:

Habits table

8. Gratitude/ Be grateful

When you’re grateful for what you already have it naturally changes your thoughts and beliefs to ones that are primarily positive. And when you’re grateful for what you’ve already achieved you are more likely to be motivated to keep pursuing your dreams with passion. In this way gratitude is a powerful tool to help you get rid of limiting beliefs and makes you more receptive to new opportunities.

One of the best ways to do this is to write down what you’re grateful for in a daily journal.

Many people find that writing down just 3 things they are grateful for every day greatly improves their outlook on life. Try it and I’m sure you will find that you naturally develop a more positive mindset!

Wrap Up

Most things in our lives started out as just a thought. If you accept this, then you know that we all hold the power to turn our thoughts into reality.

The biggest barrier to manifesting money into your life is having a negative mindset towards money.

Shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance requires some work but if you follow the steps above you should start to see your relationship with money improve and attracting wealth will come easily.

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