Many Law of Attraction experts recommend using daily affirmations. Affirmations aim to build up your belief in yourself with positively worded sentences that you repeat to yourself.

Maybe you’re new to the Law of Attraction and wondering how to use these, or perhaps you’ve tried to use them in the past but have been left feeling underwhelmed or even just plain awkward when using them. If that’s the case, you’re not alone!

But the good news is there are ways to make them work for you.

You Don't Believe Them!

Most people follow the idea that ‘seeing is believing’. Affirmations however are not necessarily true, so how do we shift our mindset to believe in something if we can’t actually see?


The secret is to design ones that you can believe in and reflect what you want to be true. One reason you might feel underwhelmed with your affirmations is that you don’t truly believe them. This is probably due to having deep rooted limiting thoughts and beliefs that cause you to subconsciously pull back from success, in Law of Attraction speak we call them abundance blocks.

Through following the various practices of the Law of Attraction you can start to break down these abundance blocks but for now, if your affirmations don’t seem believable to you, try dialling them back just a little. As you begin to embody them you’ll start to really believe in them and can then easily expand them to fit bigger ambitions. They are not chiselled in stone so you can change them as and when you feel comfortable doing so!

You can use a list of common affirmations, or make your own that are custom-fitted to your needs. The key is to make them believable for you right now. One easy way to start is to examine the different areas of your life and create affirmations in areas where you feel the need to improve the most.

Fail Proof Ways to Create the 4 Most Common Affirmations

Here are the four most common areas that people create affirmations for with some examples you can use to get started.

1. Money Affirmations

Perhaps like me you heard your parents say things like ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ or ‘you need to work hard for money’.

My parents intentions were good but for many of us these can create negative beliefs in relation to money. For example, for a long time, if I wasn’t ‘working hard’ I didn’t feel like I really deserved the money I received.

Affirmations can help you to rid yourself of negative associations to money thereby attracting more of it into your life.

Some good examples of affirmations you can use are:

“I am letting go of my negative beliefs about money.”

“The money I receive is a reflection of the value I put out into the world”

“I am happy to receive money.”

“I have enough money to fulfil my needs”

There are lots of resources out there such as this one that will help you to attract more money and abundance into your life.

2. Success Affirmations

Affirmations for success are popular especially with athletes and entrepreneurs.

Here are some great affirmations to use to counteract your tendancy towards self-sabotage and help you achieve success in sports, in business or just life in general!

“I am attracting great opportunities”

“I create my success”

“I am confident and capable of achieving what I set my mind to”

3. Love and relationship Affirmations

Affirmations are a great tool to improve your self-confidence and ability to attract love.

One example that you can use for this is:

“My life is full of joy and love and I am attracting my soulmate”

This also makes use of the Law of Attraction ‘living as if’ technique where you speak and act as though you already have the love of your life which can help attract the right person to you more easily.

4. Self-esteem Affirmations


Self-esteem affirmations aim to speak to the core of being and helps you believe you are the kind of person who attracts good things.

Here are 3 you can try:

“I respect and love myself!”

“The only approval I need is my own.”

“My mind is bursting with bright ideas, kind words, and happiness.”

5. Healing Affirmations

Daily healing affirmations can help you to access deep sources of strength to help you recover from physical, mental and emotional affliction wounds.

Here is a good one to try:

“My Mind/ Body is amazing at healing itself. It is healing me right now.

This can help your subconscious to direct you in ways that will aid the healing process helping you to recover even quicker.

It’s All About Belief

belief and affirmations

Affirmations can create a mental habit of believing in yourself. As long as they align with what you believe to be possible right now, the more you repeat them to yourself the more you will behave according to the affirmations and the stronger your belief in them will become. Most negative beliefs you hold were created because you chose to believe that something was true, whether consciously or unconsciously.

So if you chose negative beliefs it makes sense that you can also choose positive self-affirming beliefs in their place.

Practicing affirmations regularly is a great tool to install positive beliefs and to help you to stay focused and motivated. It will also help you to be alert to opportunities that might help you reach your life goals.

Try adding the affirmations above into your daily routine and see how you get on!

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