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3 Reasons You Can’t Manifest What You Want

Have you tried to manifest what you want but aren't getting the results you expected? If manifesting what you want is really as simple as some people say, why is it most people are still unhappy with their finances, their jobs, their health and their relationships?

Why doesn’t everyone  simply get rid of what they don't want and attract everything they do?

Some people remain oblivious to the existence of the law of attraction. Others have some intuitive understanding that “what you put out you get back”, yet still can’t use this concept to achieve their dreams.

The law of attraction however, is constantly in effect whether we know about and understand it or not!

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We can either choose to learn more about it and align our behavior to make it work for us or remain ignorant and likely suffer as a result.

Let’s dive into the reasons why you can't manifest what you want in life and why (even if you do know about it) the law of attraction isn’t working for you.

1. Your Negative Inner World May Be manifesting In Your Outer World

The physical ‘outer world’ we live in is always a reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions; our ‘inner world’.

If your inner thoughts and emotions are loving, calm, peaceful, positive and uplifting then these will manifest as positive events and actions in the physical world around you.

In contrast, if your thoughts and emotions are dominated by anger, frustration, fear, doubt, guilt or hate, your external reality will likely match that and life will feel like a constant uphill battle. To correct this you need to change the way you think; what's often referred to as your 'Paradigm'

Although it’s hard, sometimes impossible to change what happens outside, it is possible to change what happens within.

So the first step in making the law of attraction work for you is to take control of your inner thoughts and emotions to ensure they are predominantly positive.

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2. You're Not Taking Responsibility For Failure

No-one goes through life without failure, it’s inevitable. But if you can examine your failures, learn from them and move on quickly they can actually be a powerful force to help you improve.

Unfortunately, most people fail to accept responsibility, in part or full, for the failures they experience.

If you don’t learn from failures, ignore them or even worse, blame something or someone else for them, you will likely focus your attention on why these things keep happening to you.

You’ll look to avoid failure, rather than pursue success.

The law of attraction will always give you more of what you focus on. So unwittingly you will be asking for more failure.

Over time your negative beliefs will become more powerful and you will start to believe you are simply destined to fail.

The Cycle of Failure

You start to expect defeat and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. As a result, you become trapped in a vicious cycle of failure.

This kind of self-defeating thinking is so common, that people often quote Murphy’s law ("Anything that can go wrong will go wrong") as the reason why they are so unlucky.

So what exactly is happening here and how can you break out of this cycle?

Well, you are shaping your reality through your thoughts and beliefs in regards to failure. The stronger you believe you are powerless to avoid failure the deeper its roots go into your psyche.

Breaking out of this vicious cycle is actually quite simple.

You need to start to take full responsibility for your failures. In doing so you will naturally start to examine what part you played in causing this situation.

When you do that, it will start to break down the deeply embedded beliefs you have about failure and you'll start to see what action you can take to change it .

However, often even the most positive mindset still fails to bring about our desired outcomes.

Without conscious planning and action on your part, it’s unlikely to be enough. When you are tired your old habits will easily override the positive actions your subconscious is trying to install, resulting in lacklustre results.

If you’re unwilling to consciously take action to chase your dream, you are unlikely to attain it!

3. You Are Not Patient Enough


In order to manifest your desires, you have to trust the process and be patient.

Manifestation can take time, especially when first starting out because most of us are trying to break down years of negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

If you are not patient, your thoughts will naturally turn to suspicion (does this even work?) frustration (why isn’t it working yet?) and maybe even anger (I hate this positive thinking rubbish!).

This ultimately leads you back to a negative mindset. It will cause you to give up and the process will stop working.

So trust your vision, trust the process and trust your mind and the universe to give back what you are giving out… and wait patiently.

Manifest What You Want

To get more of what you want in life with the law of attraction use this simple 3 step process.

  • Take control of your inner thoughts and emotions to ensure they are predominantly positive
  • Start to take full responsibility for your failures
  • Be patient, trust the process and trust in the power of your mind and the universe to attract what you want to you.

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3 Reasons You’re Not Getting What You Want

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