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The Secret Law Of Attraction Movies That Will Change Your Life

The Secret Law of Attraction has many believers and those people have continually reaped the benefits of applying the law in their lives. Because of this, many more are getting interested in the concept and are starting to read up on the topic.

Some people are more visual and prefer to watch documentaries and movies as their first step into the Universe’s most powerful law.

That's why I've put together what I consider to be the top three most instrumental Law of Attraction movies to date:

The Secret

The Law of Attraction is an old concept that is hundreds of years old but Rhonda Byrne put it in the limelight with her documentary The Secret. The film was released in March 2006 and is 1 hour and 31 minutes long.

The Secret is a groundbreaking documentary which features various authors, doctors, scientists, and philosophers discussing the existence of a great Secret - the Law of Attraction, which can transform the lives of those willing to do so.

The film explains that there is a Universal law in place that affects everything, and gives everyone the ability to live a joyful life filled with abundance, love, peace, and well-being.

The main theme of the film explores the question, “What is the Law of Attraction?” and explains how can you use it to better your life.

Watch the trailer here:

The documentary interviews many famous experts such as Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield, and Marie Diamond. These experts specialize in personal development and psychology are leaders in their fields.

These speakers emphasize that our desires have the power to shape our world. They also suggest several guidelines on the thought processes we must possess in order to support manifesting what we desire.

This documentary film was very widely accepted and became a global phenomenon. A lot of viewers reported the improvements they made in their lives by simply adopting a more positive mindset.

The Secret is still the most well known film about the Law of Attraction and has helped thousands of people across the globe.

Where to watch the full movie:

The Secret is available to buy or rent at Amazon

It's also available to stream here:
Apple TV

And if you want to read the book that inspired the documentary you can get it here at Amazon.

The Manifesting Movie

As the first film to really delve into the Law of Attraction 'The Secret' is great... but there are some questions that were left unanswered in the secret and many people were hoping for an official follow up.

Whilst there is a fantastic official movie style sequel (see below "The Secret: Dare to Dream"), the guys at Inspire3 created their own unofficial documentary style sequel.

It’s called 'The Manifesting Movie' and it aims to pick up where 'The Secret" left off.

Watch the trailer here:

It expands on the topics discussed in 'The Secret' in more depth and fills in some of the gaps. Although 'The Secret' has already helped a huge amount of people, for some, try as they might they just can't get the Law of Attraction to work for them. That’s what this documentary aims to fix

This short, 30-minute documentary dives deep into the Law of Attraction and the various nuances of manifesting. The creators add some more structure to the topics discussed in 'The Secret' and take us through what they consider to be the 5 basic techniques we need to use to successfully manifest what we want in life.

In this movie we can learn simple, actionable techniques that will help us achieve success. They also talk about a simple “brain hack” to help you in your journey to manifesting abundance, love, and happiness.

Where to watch the full movie:

The Manifesting Movie is available to watch here for free

manifesting movie

The Secret: Dare to Dream

As The Secret gained widespread popularity, it was inevitable that a movie related to it will be produced in the future. That film came in 2020 entitled The Secret: Dare to Dream which has a length of 1 hour and 47 minutes.

This is an American drama film heavily based on the concepts introduced by The Secret. It was directed by Andy Tennant and stars Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas.

Watch the trailer here:

Dare to Dream tells a story that revolves around the concept of The Law of Attraction with “Miranda Wells”, (Katie Holmes), as a grieving widow with three children whose life has been turned upside down in recent years.

Her life just seemed to be one long struggle where anything that could go wrong did which culminated when a powerful storm hit her town nearly destroying her house.

But things slowly start to turn around after she meets the enigmatic handyman “Bray Johnson”, (Josh Lucas).

Bray teaches Miranda and her family that there’s a Universal secret and that we all have the capacity to influence our own reality. He also teaches her that she can respond and tune into the Universe to shape her own destiny, a classic The Secret concept.

Dare to Dream is a must watch if you have seen the documentary The Secret. It expands on the latter’s concept and shows us, how we can apply the Law of Attraction in our own lives. The movie continues to garner positive reviews ever since its conception.

Where to watch the full movie:

The Secret: Dare to Dream, is available to buy or rent it here at Amazon

It's also available to stream here:
Apple TV

And if you want to read the book that inspired the move you can get that here at Amazon.

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