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Top 4 Money And The Law Of Attraction Techniques to Attract Abundance

'Money and the Law Of Attraction' is a fantastic book by Esther Hicks. Thanks to the movie and book ‘The Secret’, the concepts behind the Law Of Attraction have become more widely known in recent years, and in this book the authors help you to dig deeper into these powerful concepts to help you create more abundance in your life.

The main theme of the book 'Money And The Law Of Attraction' is to help you to develop more empowering ways of thinking about money and your ability to bring more of it into your life. 

Before we get started, I have to mention that the Esther Hicks claims to have channelled the wisdom of her inner spiritual being (that she calls Abraham), to write these books.

If you’re like me, you likely made a hmmm… noise when reading the above…

I get it, it does sound a bit ‘out there’ … but trust me, if you're into self-improvement and are open to different ideas and new ways of doing things, you need to get over your scepticism and give this a read, you’ll be glad you did!

Money And The Law Of Attraction Contents

Through various techniques the book teaches you to create financial bundance as well as physical and mental health, by focusing on what you want in your life (rather that what you don't).

The book is organised into 5 parts:

  1. Processing of Pivoting and Positive Aspects
  2. Attracting Money and Manifesting Abundance
  3. Maintaining Your Physical Well-Being
  4. Perspectives of Health, Weight, and Mind
  5. Careers, as Profitable Sources of Pleasure


Whilst the book focusses on money, in general it is aimed at helping you to find and focus on joy and happiness.

The author teaches that the purpose of life is to do what makes you happy as often as you can.

This is actually the same lesson my parents taught me from an early age. "Whatever you do in life, Steve, make sure you enjoy yourself and be happy”. Maybe it’s because of them that the concepts in this book resonated with me from the very beginning.

Below I outline the 4 main techniques that I took from the book and applied to my life. Like a lot people, I struggle with concepts that sounds a bit ‘woo woo’ and I have to admit to initially being put off by the idea that the author ‘channelled’ some inner spiritual being! But I’m so glad I pushed through that feeling and bought this book because it has really helped me and I hope it can help you too!

1. Pivot To What You DO Want

One of the main techniques outlined in 'Money And The Law Of Attraction' is called pivoting. This is easily my favourite technique, it’s so easy to apply but amazingly powerful.

Most people (including me) naturally notice things in their life that they don’t want. Pivoting simply means that when you notice these things you say to yourself:

“Now I know what I don’t want, what is it that I DO want?”.

You then consciously turn your focus away from what you don’t want onto what you do.

It’s so easy to get stuck focussing on what you don’t want. It’s the default for most people. Without conscious thought we spend too much time moaning and complaining about what we don’t want, why things aren’t going the way we want, why life is so difficult.

In this book the author describes this as telling yourself stories. She says that life is bringing you things based on the stories you’re telling yourself and others.


Are you telling yourself that you are a failure for example? If so, this is an opportunity to ‘pivot’ that story into something more positive. For instance, you can tell yourself ‘I have been successful with things in the past and I know I can be successful again’.

This book encourages you to really be aware of the stories you tell yourself. Focus on the kind of words you use, how you talk to others about your situation and if you notice you are telling negative stories, pivot and shift your story to something that makes you feel better!

2. Make it Feel Achievable

Affirmations are really popular with people who follow the ideas behind the Law Of Attraction.

The ‘gurus’ will tell you that if you want more money, you just need to tell yourself ‘I am wealthy’, if you are overweight, tell yourself ‘I am slim and healthy’.

The reality however, is that for most people, these kinds of affirmations don’t feel realistic.

Simply telling yourself the exact opposite of your current situation feels like you are telling yourself a lie. And if that’s the case then your subconscious will just reject it.

The Law Of Attraction works best when you focus on gradual change. This means creating a story and using affirmations that make you feel a little bit better with each step. For example, if you are stuck with the story that ‘I am poor’, simply telling yourself that you are rich is unlikely to work.

small steps

"There is an abundance of money in the world, I know I can bring some more of it into my life"

"I can attract an extra $200 each month"

"I always somehow end up with the money that I need"

These stories may not sound as exciting as “I am a millionaire”, but they are likely to feel more realistic and achievable. The trick is to create a story that you and your subconscious can believe in. From there you can gradually create more ambitious stories.

Even if your stories are not the most awe inspiring right now that’s OK. As long as they focus on gratitude for what you have and guide you in a positive direction, you can work on improving them bit by bit. Money And The Law Of Attraction does a great job of showing you different ways to do that and it explains in more detail how important this is.

3. Create A Positive Bias Habit

The third major theme of Money And The Law Of Attraction revolves around how and why you should try to create a positive bias habit.

It’s easier than ever nowadays to become bogged down in negativity. The news and social media constantly stream negative news to grab our attention. The problem with this is that whatever you focus your attention on, you tend to get more of. So if you are constantly consuming mainstream media news and scrolling through social media feeds, your focus will almost certainly be on negative events and issues.

This negatively bias can become a habit and leak into all areas of your life.

For example, do you constantly find lots of negative things to moan and complain about with your relationships? If your wife/husband/partner annoys you, do you zero in on those things?

“Aargh I wish she would just stop nagging me”
“Why can’t he just clean up after himself properly”

Whilst writing this article, it reminded me of the advice our vicar gave us on our wedding day, nearly 20 years ago. Here's what he told us:

wedding picture

Receiving some wise advice on my wedding day!

“The temptation is, once you have the rings on your fingers, you will try to use them like tuning knobs and search for the wavelength of the non-existent 'perfect wife' or 'perfect husband'.
On your wedding day I urge you not to waste your time in this way! We are what we are, and we have what we have. You didn't meet each other as perfect people, you met each other as you are. So rather than trying to change each other, I would urge you to focus on those things that you've always found lovely and interesting and attractive about each other... and leave the rest.
Secondly! On your wedding day the sun is shining and you are looking happy... but it won't last! Very soon the dark clouds will come over and it will rain. And you will fall out... I promise you! The important thing is not that it happened, because it happens to everybody. We all rub each other up the wrong way in life. It happens to others and it will happen to you.
The good bit is this; you must add to your love and care for each other, the great gift of forgiveness. Not as some soppy religious idea, but as the means by which married life keeps going. So when things go wrong, as they will, don't turn to your marriage certificate to check the small print to see if you can get your money back. What you must do is turn to the other and say 'I am sorry, it was my fault' (even if you know damn well it wasn't). But also, if you can say this to each other and really mean it; "I do love you, let's start over again" then every day can be as lovely as your wedding day!"

Just as he predicted and just like everyone else, my wife and I argue. But I have followed his wise words all these years and I truly do believe that focusing on what I love about my wife has been absolutely critical to our long and happy marriage.

In the book, the author teaches that, like a playing card everything has 2 sides, a positive and a negative side (check out the official "Money and the Law of Attraction Cards" on Amazon.)

If you constantly look at the negative side, you will get more negative things in your life. If you keep finding fault with your wife/husband/partner, you will find it harder and harder to see the good things about them, the things that brought you together in the first place.

The best way to combat this is to train yourself to consciously look for at least one thing about whatever it is that you are finding fault with. If you do this, then whenever negative thoughts arise you can ‘turn the card’ and see a positive side to it.

Before too long you will naturally start to see a second, third and fourth thing that you like. You’ll start to feel better about whatever it is and you will be on your way to shifting to a habit of focussing on the positive.

4. Start your day with gratitude

In the book Money And The Law Of Attraction, the author emphasizes the significance of your morning process. Just after you wake in the morning is the perfect time to reset your focus. Even if you had a bad day yesterday, there is no need to pick up and continue that momentum. 

Just after you wake up is the perfect time to choose what you want to focus on for the coming day.  Since reading the book I’ve started to journal again in the morning (I use the awesome '5 Minute Journal') for this.)


She says the following:

"As you awaken, open your eyes and say Today I will look for reasons to feel good."

I’ve taken this to heart and used my journal to focus on gratitude and looking for things that will make today a great day! I don’t get out of bed until I’ve set a positive focus for the day. As Newton's first law states “an object in motion stays in motion”. So if you start off with a positive momentum it’s much easier to keep that going.

At first, it can seem hard to overcome the negative bias that has built up from years of having a negative bias. If that’s the case then just look for small, simple things that you can be grateful for.

“I can walk and talk, see and hear, breath. My body works well”

“I have a roof over my head and plenty of food to eat”

Once this becomes a habit, you’ll find that you naturally start to focus on the things that are good in your life.


If you combine the 4 things I learnt from the book 'Money And The Law Of Attraction', you’ll see how they are cumulative and bigger than the sum of their parts.

  • Start your day with a positive momentum by focussing on the things you are grateful for.
  • When you come across things during the day that are not as you want them to be, or seem difficult to handle, pivot! Change the words you use and the way you think. Change your ‘stories’ to something that makes you feel better.
  • Focus on gradual change using affirmations that are believable for you and make you feel a little bit better with each step.
  • Get rid of your negative bias by consciously focussing on positive side of things.

If you want to dig deeper into these processes then I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of Money and The Law Of Attraction on Amazon or as an audio book on Audible

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