The 12 Best Law of Attraction Apps

We all learn differently. Not only is this clear when it comes to classic education, but also with something as important as the Law of Attraction. Using a Law Of Attraction App can be an easy and convenient way to learn and improve your practice.

So if you want to find the right 'digital' foothold to help you climb your way to a more positive life every single day, you are in the right place because we searched the four corners of the internet for the best Law of Attraction apps available and below is a definitive list of the 12 best, most-loved law of attraction apps. 

From affirmations to hypnosis to audiobooks to games, they’re all a little different and could be just what you need to start your own manifesting adventure.  

Earning itself over 16, 000 reviews from satisfied customers, this app is focused on being useful in any and every way that you want it to be in your daily life. 

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It will help you make positive changes in your day to day, by bringing you up out of negativity. It will encourage you to read your daily affirmation and then say it out loud so that it can transfer to your subconscious and make it a reality.  

Users really enjoy the prompt to repeat it out loud while the app records you to make sure that you are really doing it. It helps make it easier to practice positivity even in the middle of a negativity storm. 

This law of attraction app, earning over 12, 000 positive reviews, doesn’t focus the same amount of energy on affirmations as the others. It relies instead on audio-based cues that will use their frequencies to help your mind vibrate on more positive frequencies. 

law of attraction app synctuition

Through binaural beats and 3D sound effects, it’s a unique take on attracting the right positive energies. Users really enjoy that it can be done in little as 30 seconds or as long as 60 minutes +, yet the benefits are the same. With science behind it, it can often help convince skeptics to the power of positivity as well. 

Combining quotes with graphic and photos to help them engage and stick in your mind for longer, Law of Attraction Space is focused on a daily practice that will help you start each day with a positive mindset.  

law of attraction space
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Earning itself over 6, 000 reviews, you can use this with a voice recording to practice saying the affirmations out loud, or just keep it passive if you are in a situation where you can’t comfortably say the expressions.  Users find it easy to use and perfect for taking a little positivity time in the middle of a hectic day. 

With over 5, 000 reviews, Mantra is a really neat app that allows you to pick affirmations and positive vibes that are categorized. Since none of us think the same way about everything, it’s great to have an app that will help you stay positive in different sections of your life.  

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Users like that this has more than one affirmation per day for when they need a boost and that it also works with reminders so that you can force yourself to literally schedule the law of attraction. 

Following along similar lines, this law of attraction app is also really enjoyed for the fact that it has multiple affirmations per day. With over 4, 000 reviews, it combines daily phrases that you say out loud and record into the app with stunning yet soothing visuals that apply to your life. 

think up icon
think up law of attraction app

One of the details users love most is that you can combine this with music and make it as personalized and engaging to your senses as possible.

This focuses more on an active approach and is a great option for those who love to write. This is basically a guided electronic journal. It also helps you to create your own affirmations using their examples and guidance. 

gratitude journal

You can then log these affirmations and go back to them when you need a boost. Users enjoy the fact that this is focused on a more personalized approach and is also visually appealing. With over 7, 000 reviews, it’s one of the most popular digital journal apps available. 

This focuses more on an active approach and is a great option for those who love to write. This is basically a guided electronic journal. It also helps you to create your own affirmations using their examples and guidance. 

vision board app

You know what a vision board is, but now you can use it in a digital form and that helps you bring the right dedicated, positive energies right to your phone.

With over 1, 000 reviews, users find that it’s aesthetically pleasing and focused on transforming positive thoughts in your head into a handy digital vision board. This is especially great if you want to be able to look at your vision board wherever you are.

Most people know The Secret by now. Money (and never feeling as though you have enough of it) is often the cause for a lot of negativity in our lives. To tackle this issue, this app, which was inspired by The Secret, helps you focus on building a better emotional and mental relationship with money. 

With over 700 reviews, users find that it’s a really unique way to build a healthier connection between mind and money and that it also gives them more emotional energy to help focus on other things as well. 

If you’re a lover of audiobooks, this app is worth checking out. This audiobook app library is jam packed with a ton of classic law of attraction-related content.

It’s perfect for making sure that you surround yourself with helpful and supportive literature that you can listen to on the go. With almost 400 reviews to of, users find its simplicity and audio form comforting and convenient. 

From relationships to health to your financial status, this app is focused on helping you tailor your affirmations to get you to where you want to go. 

It can also help you to enjoy reshape negative beliefs and thoughts into a more positive mindset. With over 665 reviews, the hypnosis feature is a unique angle that users enjoy. If you are looking for something a bit different then why not give this a try. 

Personalized to your favourite expert and authors, you can create a positivity schedule with this app that will help you to enjoy a tailor-made program right on your phone.

Focused on audiobooks and podcasts, it’s a great modern option for those that don’t find classic affirmation quotes work for them. It has over 200 positive reviews.

From games to lists of daily gratitude phrases, this toolbox app is great for anyone who wants to try something different each day. 

You have games, a focus wheel and all manner of new and interesting ways to add a bit of spice into your law of attraction practice.  With over 180 reviews, it’s certainly one to take for a spin!  

Finding the right law of attraction app is all about understanding what learning style you find the most natural and comforting.  

The list above gives you a wide array of options, now it’s up to you to choose which one works best for you!

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