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Scientific Discovery Reveals How To Become A Genius

Have you ever wondered how to become a genius? We can’t help but admire successful actors, businessmen, artists and scientists. These are people dedicated to their craft and they've achieved their ultimate goals in life.

Do you sometimes find yourself envying their achievements and wishing you could do what they do?

Obviously we can’t become them, but what if you could somehow install the same mindset they have? What if you could effectively 'steal' the genius they possess?

Turns out, you can!

Experiments conducted in the 1970s (and refined recently) show us how anyone can actually adopt the mindset of someone they admire.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a successful businessman, if you want to follow in the footsteps of a famous inventor, or if you just want to adopt a more charismatic persona. Some little-known techniques taken from these early experiments can help you do it.

This article will give you a brief introduction to the Raikov effect, how it works and how you can apply these amazing techniques to better your life.

Artificial Reincarnation

Dr. Vladimir Raikov, was a Russian neuropsychologist. In the 1970s, he conducted an experiment together with Czech psychologist Dr. Milan Ryzl. Their goal was to better understand how the human mind worked.

They experimented with their students and found it was possible to instill in them Einstein-level genius through the mere power of suggestion.

It was done through simple hypnosis, but the results they got were groundbreaking.

Russian Experiment

The two psychologists found that what they ingrained in their students during the hypnosis, would stay with them even after the trance had passed.

Case in point: A man under hypnosis trance was told that he was an extremely talented pianist. After the trance, he went to his next piano lesson and found that he could easily do all the beginner lessons and could jump straight to the advanced ones.

Simply speaking, the effects of the power of suggestion under trance remained when he returned to his normal life.

The same results were found in people who were told they were gifted violinists, talented singers, and exceptional geniuses in specific fields.


Since this was first discovered in the 1970s scientists have discovered  that they can actually recreate this ‘artificial reincarnation’ even without using  hypnosis.

Whilst these transformations can appear to be almost magical, the techniques used to do this are based in solid science and can be used by anyone.

You don’t have to go into some kind of strange hypnotic trance or do anything complex.

image of hypnotized girl

These little known secret mental techniques, discovered way back in the 70s can be utilized for success in creativity, invention, business, relationships, pretty much any area of your life.

The best part is, you don’t have to wait weeks to achieve it, you can do it in mere minutes.

Activating the Raikov Effect

There are several books that touch on the Raikov Effect such as the “Borrowed Genius” by Win Winger or Paul McKenna’s “The Possibility Generator.”

But probably the most effective and arguably quickest way to activate the Raikov effect to ‘install’ the  skills of someone you admire is through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The concept first gained traction decades ago but it was only recently that it was applied to creating and enhancing skills.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

neuro linguistic programming

But how does NLP relate to the Raikov Effect? How do you use it?

Well the most straightforward and transformative technique is called anchoring.

The idea here is to create a physical trigger that will help you switch on a certain mental state. An everyday example of this is when you hear water dripping you feel the urge to go to the bathroom and pee.

You need a physical anchor that will allow you to quickly and easily activate the genius skills of someone you look up to.

Many people suggest that the subtler the anchor the better. For example, tapping the back of your hand or pressing your thumb and forefinger together.

Once you’ve found a trigger that works for you, all you need to do is connect this to your desired ‘genius state’. Then you will be able to recreate this state whenever you like, just by repeating the anchor gesture.

The above ‘anchoring technique’ is just one of many techniques you can use to activate the Raikov Effect. The more techniques you learn the more the more genius states you can create.

Experiencing the Raikov Effect Firsthand


"I only recommend the most powerful, most transformative programs to my readers. The Raikov Effect is one such course. I had an input into this program, so know how the Raikov sessions can unlock change in pretty much any area of life. The entire process takes just five minutes to complete. Of course, don't take my word for it. Try it, and take your own."

Bob Doyle - Law of Attraction Author & Trainer

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